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Conditions to Qualify for a Visit Phillip Island Pass

To be approved for a Visit Phillip Island Pass you:

  • - Please note that this promotion has finished and applications have closed

  • - Must be a minimum of 18 years of age

  • - Must not be a resident of Victoria

  • - Must be a resident of an Australian State or Territory.

  • - Must have booked 2+ nights paid accommodation and provide a booking confirmation from a commercial supplier or booking platform (either hard roof or caravan park) at Phillip Island and San Remo properties, between 1 July and 29 October, 2022

  • - Accommodation must be located within the following postcodes: 3922, 3923, 3925, 3984, 3995 & 3996

  • - You must be in the first 1,440 successful applicants for the pass

  • - Only 1 member of a group per booking may apply. Only 1 pass will be awarded per applicant (even if that applicant holds more than one booking)